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Andorra And Monaco are among the oldest states on the continent and, despite their diversity, they have much in common.

Few travellers know much about what Monaco and Andorra have to offer.

We will examine the history, culture, and inner workings of these smallest independent European countries.

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Tours in Magnificent Monaco!

Musée Oceanographique

There are over 6,000 of marine life creatures here and 100 different pools that are designed to mimic their natural environment, including reconstructed coral reefs.

Jardin Exotique

Located in Fontvieille, just outside of the city centre, is the Jardin Exotique. This garden sits high on a towering bluff that looks out over the ocean. Here, you will find lush surroundings, coupled with stunning vistas.

Monaco Harbor

Located at the base of Monaco’s famous blustery cliffs, is the main harbour of Monaco. Yachts bob on the water and the harbour. The later is also known as Port de la Condamine (dates from 1901).

Old Town

The Old Town of Monaco is primarily centred on ‘Le Rocher’, which means ‘The Rock’. It is a labyrinth of charming little alleyways that date from the middle ages.

Our Tours To Astonishing Andorra

Santa Eulàlia d’Encamp

Santa Eulàlia d’Encamp is one of the many religious architectural gems in the country. It was built in a Lombardian style. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but it was sometime in the late 11th or early 12th centuries. Its most distinguishing feature is the bell tower, which is the tallest of the Romanesque Andorra Churches, standing at just over 75 feet! Over the centuries, the church has been renovated and expanded several times.


The parish of Ordino, otherwise known as “the lungs of Andorra”, got its nickname for the forest terrain that makes up 33% of its landscape. As the most northern parish of Andorra, Ordino is a major site of ecological conservation. Due to the agricultural nature of the area, many locals still hold true to the rural traditions.

Sorteny National Park

Sorteny National Park is home to a diverse population of flora and fauna including Pyrenean Chamois. Highlights include a wildflower meadow, glaciers, an ancient forest, wetlands, and the beautiful Lake L’Estanyo. The park’s natural beauty is perfect for hiking.

Interesting Facts about Andorra's Culture

General Information

Andorra’s culture is a unique mix of Spanish and French. Though Catalan is the national language, its geographic location means that Spanish and French are also spoken by many.


Andorran culture is best sampled through its distinct Pyrenees gastronomy. Andorran cuisine incorporates a hearty portion of meat cooked over an open fire. A fundamental part of the Andorran culture is its hearty Pyrenees recipes.


Music is a strong part of Andorran culture and has expanded to embrace both classical and modern styles.


The Andorran people religiously observe all the Catalan festivals. Some of the festivals that are celebrated every year include Le Merce, which is observed in September and takes a whole week.

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